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The telephone number (303)-928-8517 is administered by "MCIMETRO ACCESS TRANSMISSION SERVICES LLC" from the DENVER billing center in Colorado.

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4 months ago

Called.. Must be a spoofed number..

4 months ago

SCAM ALERT! I first got the e-mail below from the person posing as a law firm wanting me to call this number. Of course, the nature of it made me a bit worried at first. I called the number and got a deep foreign accented person who just answered "hello." I thought that was weird, but asked who it was. They said "Oh… yes, this is the Harrison Law Firm." and then they asked for my case number which I gave the number listed in the e-mail. They seemed to know some things about me so I asked more qu

4 months ago

Received call just now. Answered but no one spoke. Hung up and failed back. Received Verizon wireless message saying call could not be completed. Blocked number. Suggest doing t...

4 months ago

This number as called (again this morning). I no longer answer the phone unless I know who it is (thanks to whoever invented call-display). Anyone I'd want to talk to woul...

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